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  • T Bee

    Google Reviews
    HONEST!!! HONEST, HONEST, and HONEST! First word that comes into my mind about Dennis and Waterford European. I've spent many years looking for someone and some place who my knowledge of cars confirms to be an honest person and this is the place! I have been taken advantage of many times so I know how it happens and why it happens. I have four Volvos, an 850, a 740, a 940 and a 240, three Mercedes, a C32, a C55 and a G-Wagen, a Miata, an Oldsmobile, three Jeeps, a Saab 900 Turbo, so quite an automotive array and test of their skills. They have never let me down! A Volvo story: I called all over about a hard shifting problem for my Volvo -- everyone was dying to sell me a new transmission, motor mounts, new car... Jerome had the car for a day and determined it was a forty dollar adjustment at the gear shift lever... my point is, I am old enough to remember when mechanics spent time and really tried to diagnose problems, not just throw parts at the problem the way they do now. Dennis even helps me through my attempts at being a junior mechanic and lets me know if I'm on the right track or if I should abort the mission. This is the greatest shop in town, if not the state, no doubt about it!!! He deserves all the good customers he can collect, and I am compelled to let everyone know that I have spent so much money and lived long enough to find out afterwards that I was summarily taken absolute advantage of in the past AT OTHER PLACES, so I know what it feels like. Dennis has proven to me that great people and great mechanics still exist! I am so lucky to have found him. With Dennis, I can let my guard down and know that he wants to properly fix my car, period! If I were a mechanic, I would aspire to have a shop just like Waterford European! I just cannot say enough good things about them!

  • Sherri Coppinger

    Google Reviews
    BEST SHOP EVER been taking my audi there for years after finding out that the shop around the corner was ripping me off. Dennis has fixed everything from electric, engine and suspension. he has'the prices of anywhere else and the most honest guy you will meet. I WON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE

  • Shu Joey

    Google Reviews
    Excellent place. Always honest and fair pricing. The owner Dennis always quotes me way less than the dealer who charges an arm and leg on anything for my Audi Q7. The best part is they know what they are doing. The only downside is finding the place, it is somewhat hidden in an industrial area. But it is totally worth it.

  • Robert DeLong

    Google Reviews
    I needed a wheel bearing replaced and did some research on which shop to go to. I chose Waterford European because of reviews I have read and the very fair price. Now it's time to tell you about my experience. It was AMAZING! Dennis was very knowledgeable and gave me a fair deal. The repair was quick and I received updates regularly without asking. My car is now quiet with a new bearing and I am very satisfied. I would definitely recommend these guys because not only do they know what they are doing, but are some of the friendliest people I have ever talked to at an auto repair shop. Two thumbs up!

  • Charler Miller

    Google Reviews
    Quality dependable service. Our family has used Waterford European for over 14 yeas for both our BMW and Buick Century both 14 year old and running great. Fair and reasonable they have our implicit trust.

  • Kim Groomes

    Company Reviews
    About 15 years ago, I went to Pontiac Lake Service with a Mercedes Benz problem. They couldn't solve it and referred me to Dennis at Waterford European. Dennis didn't know me from Adam, but dropped what he was doing and dealt with my issue. His skill, knowledge, and integrity are mind blowing. I've never gone anywhere else for service since that day. His work is great and his advice has always been spot on. In this day and age, the chance of finding a person like Dennis Fitzpatrick is extremely rare.

  • James S.

    Company Reviews
    Found Dennis, Jeremy and Waterford European one-year ago and tried them...Wow, great work, honest, fair price! Fixed my expansion tank-works great! Fixed my fuel pump (same day I broke down on freeway) it works great! Fixed my headlight bulb-works great! AND, He stands behind his work!!! My headlight trim was slightly off, I stopped in to schedule a time to bring it back... He fixed it right then! This place is amazing and I'm never going anywhere else!!!

  • Craig Lamiman

    Company Reviews
    Dennis and his team has worked on my Volvo S-80 for many years and 3 other vehicles in my family with excellent service with great value. I highly recommend his team for any service you require. Craig Lamiman

  • Awni Qaqish

    Company Reviews
    People you can trust with your car. I give them my car and let them fix whatever they think it needs without getting my approval.

  • Cheryl D.

    Company Reviews
    I have had my Mercedes E320 to Dennis many times because I know he will be honest. I was told by someone who was changing the oil that a major repair was needed. When Dennis looked at it, he told the truth and the fix was much less expensive. Very trustworthy.

  • Bradley

    Company Reviews
    After having much work done here over the years, I can confidently say that Waterford European is a place that you can trust. They work fast, they price fair, and time and time again they have been there with the right advice. I'm happy to know Waterford European is there when I have a problem!

  • Mike Pranke

    Company Reviews
    I Would recommend Dennis and Waterford European Automotive to everyone I know! After a BAD experience with another local European repair shop, Dennis took care of our 05 BMW X5 for a fair price and did not try and charge us for problems they were not there. The highest compliment I can pay Dennis is the he is an HONEST man and they are far and few between anymore.

  • Brian Rogers

    Company Reviews
    I'm a do it yourselfer but sometimes need to rely on the team at Waterford European when I can't figure it out, it's too cold outside or I just don't feel like doing it myself. They always do a great job, explain in detail what the repair and charge a fair price.

  • Dennis Barber

    GooglePlus Reviews
    Have been dealing with Dennis and crew for years now.They are always fast,friendly,and knowledgeable about what is needed. I drive a long distance just to have my oil changed here because I know it will be done right.In the past I have dropped my car off for Dennis to repair and told him to just fix what needs to be done as I know he will charge me a honest price and not do work that is unnecessary. I have recommended him to many friends and family.

  • Dean Calvert

    Unquestionably the best place for auto maintenance in the city. I've been dealing with Dennis for over 10 years. Found him from my business partner, who had been dealing with him before that. I drive to Chicago every week, so auto maintenance is a BIG deal to me. I need to find things in advance, not be stuck on I 94. Charges are ALWAYS very reasonable, a LOT less than the foreign dealers, and it's a pleasure dealing with him. As someone else above said, in addition to fixing the specific problem, you ALWAYS get a list of things which need to be done, things which can wait, etc. The guy understands the value of a dollar....ours AND his! Dennis is simply the best...there is just no question about it. PS Just FYI - I think I had 400,000 miles on my last SAAB...courtesy of Waterford European.

  • Joe Neal

    GooglePlus Reviews
    Best shop i've ever worked with (for my Saab 900 and Mercedes C32), they deal with you like they'd deal with their own mother, that is they fix what needs fixing instead of replacing entire systems, and their prices are fair and they know what they're doing.
    Had one instance where Dennis worked hours on a problem, couldn't figure it out and instead of starting to throw parts at it he admitted he couldn't do it and recommended a dealer (who took a week to figure it out), PLUS he didn't charge for the time he spent troubleshooting.
    Don't know how I lucked into finding these guys but I hope the rest of the world doesn't find out about them too soon and bump me.

  • Neeraj Bhagat

    GooglePlus Reviews
    I've been taking my cars (European,and Domestic) to Waterford European since 2001 and have been very happy with the quality service and fair prices. Always get a list of "Nice to do's" "Don't need yet" and "Must have's" I've referred all my family and friends to this shop.

  • Chris Huismann

    GooglePlus Reviews
    I've been going to Denny for all things automotive since 1996 and all I can say is that he is the nicest, most honest, and best mechanic I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know that when I have an issue with one of my cars, I can trust him explicitly.
    He has worked on a BMW, an Audi, a Saab, an Olds and a Mercury for me and every time his work is of the highest quality. Denny and his wife Diane are like old friends now and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. And a special shout out to Brian for all of his good work over the years.

  • Michelle Richardson

    GooglePlus Reviews
    I have been going to European Auto for years and I always get the best service. They are truly honest, not charging for what isn't broken and always so helpful. Their prices are reasonable and the service is top notch.
    I recommend every one I know to this place! They are the best auto shop I have ever gone to. As a woman, I feel comfortable taking my vehicles to them. They don't talk down to me and answer my questions. Don't hesitate taking your vehicle to these guys!

  • Roy Aman

    GooglePlus Reviews
    Waterford European is the only place I'll take my Mercedes for any mechanical issue. They are trustworthy and that is all I need to say when it comes to mechanics/garages. Everyone has had a bad car repair experience. Won't happen here. Dennis is honest and hardworking and wants to ensure your satisfaction. He has done it many times for me. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Eric Oertel

    Company Reviews
    Outstanding experience! I couldn't be more pleased. I drive a 1983 Mercedes 380SL that my father originally purchased new. It sometimes sits for years between uses. All kinds of unique problems arise. Paul and the team always properly diagnose, and provided timely repairs at a cost I find very reasonable compared with my past experiences with other mechanics, including the dealership. I wouldn't take it anywhere else. I may be moving and my first concern was of losing the expertise of Waterford European. Kudos!

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